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Book - Jailhouse Rock Cafe

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Book in English.
“This package will be prepared and shipped by us, a team that frequented the Jailhouse Rock Cafe during the period 1997-2001.
Because you'd already be paying that much shipping for the book, if you also get a t-shirt or hoodie, you'll get what you pay for.
Every band started somewhere, whether it was at a loft party, a pizza place, or the Jailhouse Rock Cafe. It was live music that kept the souls of youth from dying in factory jobs. The book is a small collection of posters and photos of young bands who have started careers in music.
Rock n' roll, punk, ska, grindcore: the many subcultures of music have been captured and brought together in the artistic form of Show Posters. Each poster image has been carefully documented for historical reference. They are also compiled for the joy of the past and to show what a pencil, sticks and 4 chords can do.
Nestled just west of Main on Mont-Royal Avenue, the Jailhouse has hosted thousands of live shows for 13 years as a must-visit performance venue welcoming almost everyone from local bands to foreign guests . What made this space successful, however, were the booze-soaked fans they drew into the small jumble of a rock 'n' roll loveshack , a place its devotees and regulars call home .
A little seedy, very noisy, a little ugly but pretty hot, the chaos of the Jailhouse Rock Café has now been captured in time with a book of posters and liner notes from the underground , lovingly arranged over the last half-decade by a former club owner and superintendent of the old-school scene, Domenic Castelli."

Book - Jailhouse Rock Cafe

Regular price $25.00 CAD
Sale price $25.00 CAD

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