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Who are we?

Band Promo is a virtual merch table and screen printing workshop open to all types of projects! We make your merch and help you sell it.

Created in 2012 by Slam Disques , our goal is to be a direct intermediary between artists who sell their merch and fans who want to encourage them; exactly like a merch table at the end of a show. Since 2020, the screen printing workshop has joined the company, which reduces production times and encourages spontaneous projects. It is both economical and eco-responsible for artists because it allows them to personalize the quantities produced according to their needs and avoid overproduction.

Our team is real people:

  • Ian is a member of the groups Capitaine Révolte and Mange La Machine. This is our master screen printer.
  • Étienne plays bass in the band Thick Glasses and two other post-rock bands. He takes care of printing the orders with Ian and does some of the mailing.
  • Dot plays the one-string guitar in the workshop while she waits for your t-shirt to come out of the oven. She sends things by post, helps Ian and Étienne in the shop and makes sure that we don't lack anything material-wise.
  • Jo-Anick sings in the Slam Chicks. She takes care of the administrative side.
  • Jess and Rose take care of receiving orders, coordinating the gang in carrying out projects and taking care of the online store.

When you ask questions, the answers come from people who have already managed a merch table at a show, who have already tried a t-shirt on top of another t-shirt to see if it fit . These are the same people who test the sizes and qualities and say: “I like the cut of this one better, I look less hollow”.

So, whether it's for merch for your band, label, festival, or even your Mirabel-punk-bowling league, our dynamic and versatile team is ready to help you!

What can Bandpromo do for your band, label , festival, Mirabel punk bowling league?
1. We help you design and produce merch based on the reality of the DIY scene;
2. We print your merch in our workshop in Verdun;
3. We sell your stock on our online store which now includes hundreds of items from artists from Quebec and France;
4. We take the t-shirts that have been sitting in your garage since 2012 into consignment.


Island of Montreal (and its distant suburbs):

It is now possible for you to pick up your order directly from our HQ and thus avoid shipping costs.

4900 avenue Gilmore, Montreal, QC, H4E 4N3

You can come to our premises from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on foot, by bike, by scooter, by rollerblades , by scooter, by skateboard , by Segway and even by Spyder.

About Slam Disques

Slam Disques is a record label based on the Do It Yourself principle. A pioneer in its genre, the company has been offering a 360° service to French-speaking punk rock artists since 2002, by itself ensuring the production and marketing of albums, concerts and video clips. The label also takes care of press relations, radio tracking and publishing.

Since 2019, its division and sister company Hell for Breakfast has made it possible to welcome a greater variety of artists and musical styles, and to offer them an “à la carte” service.

Now well established in the music industry, Slam Disques still retains its original values ​​by positioning itself as a versatile and open-minded company seeking to represent a marginalized audience.