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Can my Band sell their Merch on Bandpromo?

Put some on, that’s what we’re here for! Write to to find out how it works.

Can we pre-order our Merch?

Of course! Make sure to think about it in advance so that we have time to plan everything before the desired launch date. More details are given here.

How much does screen printing cost?

As it depends on several factors (such as the type of clothing and the brand chosen, the number of colors to print and the quantity of items to produce), it is difficult to give an average price.

The best way to find out how much it might cost is to write to us and send us your design and what you would like so that we can give you a quote. The list of details needed to send a submission quickly can be found on the Merch Project – Things to Know page.

How long do you keep the frames?

We just finished your order, aren't you sure if you're going to need more merch ? We generally keep the frames for 2 weeks . So if you place a new order within 2 weeks after your last order, we will not charge you any frame preparation costs . After this period, the frames will have to be prepared again, and therefore, reloaded.

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I bought a pre-order, is it possible to change the size?

The goal of pre-orders is to print only what is ordered to avoid overproduction. In this sense, we cannot exchange sizes.

What brand(s) of T-Shirts/hoodies, etc. do you sell?

We mainly print on the M&O brand, but we sometimes use other brands depending on the choices of the bands who work with us. We are working on indicating the brand of each item of clothing on the product sheets!

Do you have ethical clothing?

Yes! For ethical t-shirts, we use the Ethica/Initial and Coop Couturières Pop brands.

What size to choose?

You can find size charts by clothing brand here.

Do you offer shipping to the United States?

Yes! You can order directly from our online store.