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Merch project – Things to know

In order for your merch project to go as smoothly as possible, there are several things you need to know. You don't need to have all the following details, but the more you have, the quicker we can give you a precise quote. Obviously, we can adjust according to your needs and your budget.

Once you are ready to place your order, complete your online submission RIGHT HERE

Design/ Artwork

Design usage rights

It is essential that you have the rights to use and reproduce the design you want to print. We will not print images you found on the web.


In screen printing, each color requires preparing a different frame. So the more colors your design has, the higher the price of the invoice . This should be taken into consideration when designing your design if your budget is tight.

It is possible to make gradients, but not too intense. As it is case by case, you can send us your design: we will tell you if it is possible to screen print or not. If this is not possible, we will give you adjustment suggestions to discuss with your graphic designer.


We need to know what size you want to print your design . If no dimensions are provided, we will print according to standard garment printing dimensions depending on location (chest, back, heart, sleeves). “Like the mockup” is too vague: a mock-up is used to give a general idea of ​​what is desired. So when in doubt, we suggest you go with the standards.

Standard dimensions (for clothing)

  • Small, on the heart (called pocket ): 3.5 inches wide
  • Large, across the chest or back: 10-12 inches wide (depending on design)

Files and mock-ups

To be able to print your design, you need it as a Photoshop or Illustrator file (.psd or .ai) with the colors separated on different layers . If you can send us high resolution vector versions , that's best . If you use an online service (e.g. Canva) to make your design, we will not be able to print it.

We can make mock-ups of your designs, but this should ideally be done by your graphic designer (or yourself). We are just a screen printing service, not graphic design.


We need to know:

  • What clothing(s) (t-shirts, long sleeve sweater, hoodie, etc.)
  • Color(s) of clothing
  • How much, per model and size

Ex. Black T-shirt, model 1: 10 small, 10 medium, 15 large, 10 XL / Red hoodie, model 2: 5 small, 10 medium, 10 large, 5 XL


If you want to make a pre-order at the same time as producing merch to sell during your shows, the ideal is to close it at least a week before.

Example: You have a show on January 20 and you will collect your order on January 18. Your pre-order should end at least a week before this date, January 11. If you want a pre-order that lasts 2 weeks, then it should start on December 28th.

Collecting your order

We need to know:

  • Your production deadline ( aka : when do you need your merch ?)
  • If it's for delivery or if you're going to drop by our premises