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Album "Chevy Chase" (CD) - Fireman Red

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Tracks :

  1. Bus
  2. Even if you rub
  3. VHS
  4. Cat
  5. Don't waste your time
  6. Wednesday
  7. Oudepelaille
  8. The exercise song
  9. Red Hot Chili Firefighter
  10. Lana Lang
  11. Lois Lane
  12. Bye see you tomorrow
  13. Your skin, you burn it

Successor to Kevin Bacon, here is Chevy Chase, the second album from the group Rouge Pompier. Rouge Pompier released the album Kevin Bacon in 2012. Grendizer, Misteur Valaire, Alaclair Ensemble, Rej Laplanche, blogs, vlogs, not thugs, Stéphan Bureau, BRBR, Anne Dorval, Musique Plus, Noël, Sirius XM, Youtube, Fred Bastien Forest, the feminists, Claude Rajotte, the Francos, the FEQ, Woodstock, Band à Part, the rock radios, the Habs, Guy A Lepage and Geneviève Borne perform at very varied levels on the band. Kevin Bacon doesn't know the band exists, Alex Pompier has a photo with Dave Grohl, Jess Pompier already spoke with Pat Smear, Diorama was Silverchair's best album. Rouge Pompier releases the album Chevy Chase on March 18. Chevy Chase doesn't know the group exists either.
Kevin Bacon: 33 songs composed. Chevy Chase: 145 songs composed. Mathematically, the second album will perform 4.39 times more than the first.

Album "Chevy Chase" (CD) - Fireman Red

Regular price $15.00 CAD
Sale price $15.00 CAD

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