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Album “Finish line” (CD) – Capitaine Révolte

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Tracks :

  1. Finish line
  2. Grugiolle
  3. Control
  4. Detox
  5. Eliminated
  6. Condemned
  7. Serotonin
  8. Monopoly
  9. Major cleaning
  10. Chaos
  11. Peace disturbance

Winner of the Cégep Rock competition (2000), Capitaine Révolte became known in the early 2000s and toured throughout Quebec , Western Canada , France and Belgium . In 2000 , the group released their first studio album "One day the bulls will eat us..." under Kerozen/Outside. That same year, the group made a cover of the song "That's hilarious" by La Compagnie Créole which made the rounds among fans of French-speaking punk rock which had matured since the arrival of Vulgaires Machins.
It was in 2002 that Capitaine Révolte signed a major contract with Indica Records and they began to make themselves known on commercial radio stations in Quebec as well as on Musique plus. The group's biggest success is certainly the song "I've forgotten", the chorus of which was a real earworm. The clip played a record number of times; Les Trois Accords, Exterio and Mononc Serge accompanied them in the charts. 4 other music videos were released subsequently, the group toured, everyone knew the group, and the scale pushed the group to break up at the height of their popularity.
14 years after the release of the album Danse sociale (2003), Capitaine Révolte is finally back with the release of Fil d'arrivee. A tour is organized, the group is notably invited by GRIMSKUNK for the 50th anniversary of Café Campus, signed with Slam Disques, and concert options for 2017-2018!

Album “Finish line” (CD) – Capitaine Révolte

Regular price $10.00 CAD
Regular price $12.00 CAD Sale price $10.00 CAD

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