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Album "Primary Language" (100% analog vinyl) - O Linea

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Sale price $27.00 USD
100% analog concept album of 4 songs exclusively on vinyl. Not available on mp3, CD or digital streaming.
You pay $18.14 for the vinyl, which is exactly the amount the production cost divided by 300 copies . You will have proof of this in the documentary filmed in parallel with the project.

Analogue, from the recording to your ears. Even the cover was screen printed.
The screen printing of the entire project was carried out by L'Orchidoclaste .
Record Store Day in 2014 was a trigger for O Linea's new project. “Primary Language” is a concept album where the music remains 100% analog in a purist way. No binary anywhere from studio to vinyl. Like the Beatles back in the day. It will never be available on the net and only 300 copies. You'll never hear the songs unless there's a turntable involved. Even the band only had access to the final product when the test pressings arrived.
The songs were played live on stereo tape. No Protool, but spring reverbs, tube compressors and an engineer who mixes while the song is played. The cover is screen printed only, and the only marketing will be a documentary which depicts the entire process from start to finish. The 4 songs were composed for "Primary Language" precisely.
When we tell you that the album will die when we have passed 300 copies, we're not kidding. Primary Language is 100% analog, live played on stereo tape, no digital broadcast, handmade cover + vinyl.
When we told you that the “Primary Language” project was special, there was also the part where you improvised a “diecut” so that your screen printing cover fit. In summary, the covers were cut, glued, folded and printed by hand.
There is a documentary on PRIMARY LANGUAGE . We're going to publish all of this in small pieces because we've understood for a long time that you watch videos for a maximum of 2 minutes between 2 bites of sandwich at work. That said, a full version will eventually be available.
Hand folded wrapped and numbered by hand Paper sleeve - cardboard sleeve 100% analog

Album "Primary Language" (100% analog vinyl) - O Linea

Regular price $27.00 USD
Sale price $27.00 USD

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