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Album "Songs of Glory" (Vinyl + 3 CDs) - Fortune Cookie Club

Regular price $30.00 CAD
Sale price $30.00 CAD
  • 180g black vinyl ("Best of" + new single )
  • 3 CDs bringing together the group's complete discography
Tracks :
Vinyl: Best-of

  1. 10/30
  2. Religion vs Gin (NEW VERSION!!!)
  3. Fighting a culture with culture
  4. It's (crunching) dirty


  1. I have shit in my head (Feat. Till Lemoine)
  2. Planned happiness
  3. Planned errors
  4. Burn your ships
  5. Burn the blur
  6. Lost in possibilities (new single )

CD 1: The story is now

  1. It's going to be dirty
  2. Bad player
  3. Planned errors
  4. Limoilou (Feat. Olivier Portnoi)
  5. The almshouse is a polling station (Feat. Alexis Granger)
  6. I have shit in my head (Feat. Till Lemoine)
  7. Voluntary homicide (Feat. Doom Pelletier)
  8. Lassie la 6 (Feat. Yotam Ben Horin)
  9. Imaginary illness
  10. Midnight Christian
  11. 10/30
  12. Brief (hidden song)

CD 2: The other

  1. Ecological terrorist
  2. Legitimizing Murder (Feat. Jessy Fuchs)
  3. ACADB (All cops are douchbags)
  4. Burn the blur
  5. Prayer #1
  6. Prayer #2 (Princess Tonsillitis)
  7. Burn your ships
  8. Big beard, no jacket, with fries
  9. The Chambly road leads to Rome
  10. #Womenagainstfeminismisdamn
  11. Austerity for Dummies (Feat. Guillaume Guité)
  12. Cold shower challenge

CD 3: EPs, splits & unreleased songs

  1. When you live in shit, you need good boots
  2. Roll down the ledge to win
  3. Knife, spoon, fork
  4. Religion Vs. Gin
  5. Painting the world black
  6. The Spleen of Montreal
  7. The Punk School Review
  8. Partial Refusal
  9. The Song of Roland (Part 2)
  10. The Vice-Consultant (Feat. Dudu de Le Monsieur)
  11. Fugue from A minor
  12. The Fuzzy Burns
  13. Hymn to excess
  14. Planned happiness
  15. Spit on a cop, not a vegan
  16. Racism pays
  17. The words
  18. Fighting a culture with culture
  19. It's (crunching) dirty
  20. Contempt
  21. Religion Vs. gin (new version 2019)
  22. Lost in possibilities

After having presented songs almost exclusively in digital version, Fortune Cookie Club is pleased to finally offer its fans a first album available in vinyl format! Songs of Glory brings together the greatest moments of the group's discography to date and culminates with the presence of Lost in Possibilities, a single as unique as it is incomparable.
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Album "Songs of Glory" (Vinyl + 3 CDs) - Fortune Cookie Club

Regular price $30.00 CAD
Sale price $30.00 CAD

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