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Album "Neve Campbell" (Vinyl + CD) - Red Fireman

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Tracks :

  1. Confluence of circumstances
  2. Swimming
  3. Batman Loves Bætman
  4. Hippocramp
  5. A bear crying into the phone
  6. Teeth on the sidewalk
  7. Copy paste
  8. Oval love
  9. Ska ke it was
  10. Gaetan Mouille
  11. Brad Pitt in the pit with the plebs
  12. Karoline

Production specifics:
  • 140g vinyl made from recycled vinyl granules (so vinyl color may vary)
  • Pouch printed on FSC certified recycled cardboard
  • CD in a recyclable white envelope

Kevin Bacon was released in 2012. Chevy Chase was released in 2016. Rouge Pompier promised a two-man rock album every 4 years. Neve Campbell will be released on March 20, 2020. We respect the rules.
Between the bold guitar riffs and the earworms for which they are well known, the Verdun duo presents here an album which testifies to the urgency exuded by an album emerging from the magnificent Norwegian coast. In her texts, Jess Pompier, under marine metaphors, swims in a sea of ​​subjects: abusive parental supervision, ageism and even how we can drown our principles through loyalty in friendship.
We have attempted to minimize the environmental impact of vinyl production by using recycled pellets, reducing our t-shirt printing methods and paying for FSC certification for the cover printing. But as we cannot reduce our impact to zero, part of the profits will be reinvested in carbon offsetting.
It is no longer a secret that human activity has significant effects on global climate change. The use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, has led to increasing emissions of gases, called "greenhouse gases" (GHG), resulting in an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere.
The combustion of these fossil energy sources emits carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) into the air and increases the concentration of GHGs. According to the Intergovernmental Panel onClimate Change (the IPCC is an organization that was created by the UN in 1988), the concentration of CO 2 increased from 285 ppm in the year 1850 to more than 366 ppm in 1998, an increase of 28%.
With this increase, the temperature increased by more than 0.74ºC between 1906 and 2005 according to the IPCC and risks jumping by 6ºC if nothing is done by the end of this century.

Album "Neve Campbell" (Vinyl + CD) - Red Fireman

Regular price $25.00 CAD
Sale price $25.00 CAD

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