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Album "Paroxysm" (CD) - Deviant Process

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Tracks :

  1. Unconscious
  2. Narcissistic Rage
  3. Persecution
  4. As the End Begun
  5. Obsolete
  6. Paroxysm
  7. Dysfunctional Therapy
  8. ... - Bonuses

Jean-Daniel Villeneuve: guitars, vocals
Stéphane Simard: guitars, backing vocals
Philippe Cimon: bass
Michel Bélanger: drums
Recording Studio: The Black Box
David Lizotte (vocal recordings only)
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by François C. Fortin
Artwork by Sébastien Bouchard
ORGANIC (2021)
Progressive songwriting, rich and dense harmonies, complex rhythmic patterns intertwined with a jazzy feel accurately describe the kind of death metal written by the French Canadians of DEVIANT PROCESS. The Quebec City band is part of the rich metal scene that has seen the emergence of bands like MARTYR, OBLIVEON, CRYPTOPSY and BEYOND CREATION only to name a few.
The band was founded as PSYCHIC PAIN, a simple studio project back in 2008 created by Jean-Daniel Villeneuve (guitars/lead vocals). After the release of its first demo, the project soon caught the attention of talented local musicians and became DEVIANT PROCESS with the addition of Stéphane Simard (guitars/vocals), Pierre-Luc Beaulieu (bass) and Olivier Genest (drums). The band's first EP ''Narcissistic Rage'' was recorded in 2011 at Hemisphere Studio by Antoine Baril (AUGURY), who would take over on drum duties shortly after. With this line up, the band would record their first full length effort ''Paroxysm'' which would be released in 2016. In between the recording and the release of the album, drummer Antoine Baril and bass player Pierre-Luc Beaulieu would both leave the band to be replaced by François C. Fortin on drums (SUPERIOR ENLIGHTENMENT) and Philippe Cimon on bass (THE AFTERMATH). After several live shows with important touring bands such as GORGUTS, GOROD, ARCHSPIRE, FIRST FRAGMENT and many others, the writing for the next record was beginning.
François C. Fortin decided to leave the band in 2019 but remained closed as a studio engineer and producer, leaving his seat behind the drums to Michel Bélanger (THE FLAYING). Recorded at Fortin's studio ''La Boîte Noire'', DEVIANT PROCESS' second album ''Nurture'' will be released in 2021 by Season of Mist. Exploring lyrical themes of esotericism and introspection, the album features adventurous songwriting and dense instrumental passages while pushing the aggression found on their earlier pieces. A remastered version of ''Paroxysm'' will also be released in 2021.




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CD Paroxysm

Album "Paroxysm" (CD) - Deviant Process

Regular price $12.00 CAD
Sale price $12.00 CAD

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