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EP "The Rock Witch" (Vinyl) - Oktoplut

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Tracks :
SIDE A: The Rock Witch
SIDE B: Under the Bridge

The guys from Oktoplut decided to take their fans by surprise (confetti gun, please) by releasing without much announcement a new EP, called "The Rock Witch", available only in vinyl version sold at shows, as well as 'in digital.
On the one hand, we find the title song, with a “no common sense” duration of 18 minutes. On the other side, the excerpt "Sous le pont", initially appeared on the album "Pansements", but excluded from the vinyl due to its length of almost 10 minutes.
“It's a project that we've wanted to do for a long time, influenced by stoner bands that have dared to play longer pieces in the past, like Sleep and Electric Wizard,” explains the duo, which combines rock, stoner and grunge strength in s based on deep and thoughtful texts in French.
And to highlight this release, Oktoplut promises a series of thematic concerts featuring the new release. A unique opportunity to hear "The Rock Witch" live, which will probably never be performed again... unless the group wins a Grammy with this record. There it is quite certain that he will not have the choice to play it more often.
Oktoplut-EP-Sorciere 1440x1440

EP "The Rock Witch" (Vinyl) - Oktoplut

Regular price $19.00 USD
Sale price $19.00 USD

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