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EP "RE-Neve Campbell" (CD) mailer signed by the group - Rouge Pompier

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Tracks :

  1. A bear crying in the parade
  2. Brad Pitt in Saint-Kekchose
  3. Batman poor Baetman
  4. Navel of circumstances
  5. Ruins on the sidewalk

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"It's really interesting how this EP came to be. Rouge Pompier, when it's time to construct their albums, asks fans to choose the pieces that go on there. With Re - Neve Campbell , the group releases 5 songs from moth balls (since 2012) that they would have liked to see on the albums. In all honesty, it must be said, Rouge Pompier chose well " - Le Canal Auditif.
Verdun, November 18, 2022 | Renowned for its mind-boggling circle shows in the middle of the crowd, album titles dedicated to B+ movie stars and an unconditional love of Tim Hortons iced coffees, Rouge Pompier is above all a two-piece rock band that promises rock albums for two for 4 years to its most inveterate fans. Their third album Neve Campbell was released in 2020 at the very beginning of the pandemic. Without much opportunity to do stand-up shows with moshpits and with plenty of free time ahead of them, the band rolled up their sleeves and dove back into song models accumulated since 2012. Given that the pieces from their albums have always been chosen by fans via listening committees, Jessy and Alex Pompier finally answer the burning question: If you were 100% in charge of choosing the songs for your albums, what would you have included?
The answer is 5 songs that have been adjusted in 2022 mode under the name of an EP called Re - Neve Campbell . No, it's not a fourth album or a simple B-Sides compilation, it's the follow-up to Neve Campbell . Beyond the nod to Metallica, each of the pieces was also approached as being a continuation of another song from the previous opus, both in terms of the title and the lyrics. Each song was also rethought and rearranged according to the production parameters, atmospheres and themes that already appeared on the previous opus. For the geekiest among you, see it a bit as if it were a new story added to the extended Star Wars universe.

EP "RE-Neve Campbell" (CD) mailer signed by the group - Rouge Pompier

Regular price $15.00 CAD
Sale price $15.00 CAD

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