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EP "Thalassophobia" (CD) - Beyond Deviation

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Tracks :

  1. Intro
  2. Abyssal Plain (feat. Nomo Darkling of Bloodira)
  3. Marine (feat. Mardy Leith of Dragoncorpse)
  4. Thalassophobia (feat. Austin Dickey of Dark Watch)
  5. 10,000

No band is better suited to describe the dread and insidiousness of a phobia like Thalassophobia than Beyond Deviation . Going through this new EP is nothing less than an ordeal - the weight and anguish emanating from each and every song is only amplified by Guillaume Villeneuve's unique vocal rendition, not to mention the ground-breaking features from Nomo Darkling (Bloodira), Mardy Leith ( Dragoncorpse) and Austin Dickey (Dark Watch). From the intro throwing us into the dreadful currents of this opus to the depths of “10,000”, this EP takes you on a journey towards the crippling terror that is thalassophobia.
No group is better placed than Beyond Deviation to describe the insidiousness and fear that a phobia like thalassophobia inspires. Getting through their new EP, Thalassophobia , is an ordeal in itself - the heaviness and anguish that emanates from each song are only amplified by the unique vocal performance of Guillaume Villeneuve, not to mention special guests Nomo Darkling (Bloodira ) Mardy Leith (Dragoncorpse) and Austin Dickey (Dark Watch). From the intro which immerses us in the morbid atmosphere of this work to the depths of 10,000, the opus transports you through the very madness of terror.
Beyond Deviation - Thalassophobia - CD Mockup Cover + CD

EP "Thalassophobia" (CD) - Beyond Deviation

Regular price $12.00 CAD
Sale price $12.00 CAD

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